Herbie’s Travel Tip:

Foreign Currency:

Coming to Europe can be a little currency adventure. Back in the old days Travelers Checks were the way to go. They are still good but not as widely used as a lot of AMEX-exchange places closed down, but as emergency travel money they are a great asset. You all know the standard ways exchanging money at your bank or at exchange bureaus. I would like to point out two alternatives that might be interesting for you.

Purchasing Cash Online:

If you buy your vacation money online and in advance you usually get much better rates. Travelex or Thomas Cook have better rates for online purchases than on the street. Order your currency online and pick it up at a local store or for travelex even at the airport, that way you save the delivery fee. This way of currency purchase can be done as late as four hours in advance.

Prepaid Currency Cards:

Those cards work like pre-paid cell phone cards you put an amount on there and in case you run out you can recharge your card. The so called cash passports are available at some banks in the US, but also at Travelex Stores. For British pounds or Euro’s you can even purchase the cards online. The card you will get is a MasterCard so you can use them in stores, restaurants etc. as well. The cards are chip and pin enabled which makes the use easier in Europe, and there is no fee for cash withdrawals within the withdraw limits at Travelex ATMs.

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